Photo of a bike shipping box, and an arrow pointing to a fully assembled single-speed bicycle.
From box to bike, Upcycles can help!

Whether you have a new or used bike that needs to be assembled, or disassembled, packed and shipped, the friendly mechanics at Upcycles can take care of it. We can usually offer 1-2 day turnaround – please call ahead to get on our schedule.

Bicycle Assembly

We can assemble most bicycles, including some e-bikes. Our assembly is a thorough process that includes includes wheel truing, brake and shift adjustments, and basic fitting to ensure that your bike rides great. Installing accessories (such as fenders or racks) may result extra labor charges.

  • Most geared bicycles: $89.99
  • Simple kids bikes: $59.99
  • Single-speed bikes: $79.99
  • Disc-equipped bikes: $99.99
  • E-bikes: $109.99
  • Trikes/tricycles: $129.99

Many bikes get quite banged up during shipping – damaged wheels and bent rear derailleurs are common – and if we discover that your assembly requires additional attention, we will contact you in advance.

Bicycle Packing/Boxing

We can disassemble and pack most bikes for shipping. The shipping fees include a sturdy recycled shipping box, and secure packing and padding of the bike according to guidelines from How To Pack A Bike on, our preferred bike shipper.

  • Most bicycles: $89.99
  • Single-speed, cruiser, and simple kids bikes: $69.99
  • E-bikes: $109.99

Note that the above prices are a starting point, and some bicycles (such as extra large bikes) may require extra labor to be packed and shipped.

Shipping Your Bike From Portland

Once your bike is boxed up, you can pick it up and take it from there, or we can take care of the rest. For $35 we will set up the bike shipping with This includes measuring & weighing the package, label printing, entering shipping details, scheduling a pick-up, and a confirmation email with tracking number. Note that shipping costs are set by UPS, and may vary widely. Please call ahead at 503-388-0305 or drop us an email so that we can put you on our schedule.

Shipping Your Bike To Portland

If you’re moving to the area, or starting your bike trip here, we can receive your bike at the shop and get it ready to ride! Contact us (call at 503-388-0305 or email) to let us know that your bike is on its way here, and we’ll let you know when it arrives. Use our shop address for shipping:

Upcycles LLC
5516 NE 16th Ave
Portland, OR 97211

The Do-It-Yourself Option

If you’ve got some basic tools and have worked on bikes before, you may be able to pack a bike yourself! Stop by to get a cardboard bike box and packing materials from us for $10 (call us at 503-388-0305 to make sure we have one in stock) and check out How To Pack A Bike.