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The fact that Rad Power ebikes are everywhere these days is a testament to their quality and affordable prices. But did you know that, in addition to their frequent sales, there are some additional ways to get extra savings when shopping for a Rad?

Rad Deals

Before you do anything, head to the Rad Deals page. There you’ll find all of the latest discounts, package deals, and (depending on where you live) local rebates.

Rad Power $50 Off Coupon Code for 2023

Once you’ve filled your shopping cart with some Rad goodies, copy and paste the coupon code below for an extra $50 off.


FYI: Rad Power states that, “Discount codes/promotions cannot be combined on a single order. If there is more than one discount code/promotion that can be applied to an order, only the largest single discount/promotion will be applied.”

“Refer a Friend”

Let’s face it, at least one of your friends will want to know all about that snazzy Rad Power ebike you’ve been riding. Lucky for you – and your friend – because Rad came up with a way to make both of you happy! With their Refer a Friend program, the friend gets $50 off their Rad Power ebike purchase, and you in turn get a $50 Rad Power gift card. The great thing is that you can refer as many friends as you wish, as there is no limit to the referrals you can get credited for. Isn’t that…rad?