We no longer sell used bikes, but instead offer a selection of quality new bikes from Raleigh and Public starting at around $350. We believe that our new bikes are great deal, considering that they are expertly assembled, perfectly tuned up, and include free installation of any accessories (like a rack or fenders) as well as 6 months of follow-up service – even if that means a full tune-up!

There are certainly plenty of good used bikes out there to be found, with Craigslist being the go-to choice for most bargain hunters. Be aware that most used bikes need some amount of work in order to ride really well, and therefore, a cheap $100 used find can quickly turn into a $200 or more, with added labor and parts. It’s always a good idea to meet with a Craigslist seller at a bike shop, so that you can get the bike checked over by a mechanic before you buy it. If you really have your mind set on buying used, whether it’s to save money or because you love vintage bikes, we highly recommend buying a refurbished bike from an independent bike shop. Here are two that we really like: