If you know exactly what you want in a bike and aren’t satisfied with anything off-the-shelf, consider having us build you a custom bike! Essentially, this means starting with an appropriately-sized frame (new or vintage) and assembling a list of components. We’ve done everything from simple single-speeds to loaded touring bikes, and everything in between. You can be as picky as you want, or just choose a price range and let us take care of the details. Been dreaming about a black bike with matching lime-green tires, bar tape, and saddle? No problem. Or would you prefer a more classically-styled ride, with gumwall tires and a Brooks leather saddle and matching handlebar grips? It can be done.

Before we start putting your bike together, we request that you get professionally fitted. We work closely with another local shop – Gladys Bikes – for their fitting services.

Prices for custom builds start at around $800 for a more basic single-speed bike to $1200 and up for multi-speed bikes. An excellent steel-framed bicycle with good components can be had for around $1500. If you want to go all-out, spending an extra few hundred can get you a custom built wheel set.